KY-006 Passive Buzzer Module

The KY-006 Passive Piezoelectric Buzzer module can produce a range of sound tones depending on the input signal fequency. To generate single-tone sounds use the KY-012 Active Buzzer.

Compatible with popular microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32 and others.

KY-006 Fritzing custom part image
KEYES KY-006 Passive buzzer module for Arduino

KY-006 Specifications

This module consists of a passive buzzer and 3 male header pins. You can use it generate tones between 1.5 to 2.5kHz by switching it on and off repeatedly at different frequencies either using delays or PWM.

Operating Voltage1.5V ~ 15V DC
Tone Generation Range1.5kHz ~ 2.5kHz
Board Dimensions18.5mm x 15mm [0.728in x 0.591in]

Connection Diagram

Connect the module signal (S) to pin 8 on the Arduino and ground (-) to GND.

The middle pin is not used.

SPin 8
Arduino KY-006 connection diagram

KY-006 Arduino Code

The following Arduino sketch will generate two different tones by rapidly turning on and off the buzzer at different frequencies using a delay.

int buzzer = 8; // set the buzzer control digital IO pin

void setup() {
	pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT); // set pin 8 as output

void loop() {
	for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) {  // make a sound
		digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH); // send high signal to buzzer 
		delay(1); // delay 1ms
		digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW); // send low signal to buzzer
	for (int j = 0; j < 100; j++) { //make another sound
		digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH);
		delay(2); // delay 2ms
		digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW);


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