KY-002 Vibration Switch Module

The KY-002 Vibration Switch Module detects shaking and knocking. When the module is moved, a spring mechanism will close the circuit sending a short high signal.

It can be used with a variety of microcontrollers like Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi and others.

KY-002 Fritzing custom part image
Keyes KY-002 vibration switch for Arduino

KY-002 Specifications

This module consists of a conductive spring, a 10k resistor, and 3 male header pins. Knocking or shaking the module will cause the spring to momentarily close the circuit.

Operating Voltage5V
Board Dimensions18.5mm x 15mm [0.728in x 0.591in]

Connection Diagram

Connect the module signal pin (S) to pin 3 on the Arduino.

Then connect the module’s power pin (middle) and ground (-) to +5V and GND on the Arduino respectively.

SPin 3
Arduino KY-002 connection diagram

KY-002 Arduino Code

The following Arduino sketch produces a shock flasher. The LED on Arduino pin 13 will flash when the KY-002 is knocked or shaked. Pin 3 receives the signal from the module.

int Led = 13; // define the LED Pin
int shock = 3 // define the sensor Pin 
int val; // define a numeric variable val 

void setup () {
	pinMode (Led, OUTPUT); // LED pin as output  
	pinMode (shock, INPUT); // input from KY-002 sensor

void loop () {
	val = digitalRead (shock); // read the value from KY-002
	if (val == HIGH ) {// when sensor detects shock, LED flashes  
		digitalWrite(Led, LOW);
	} else {
		digitalWrite (Led, HIGH);


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3 thoughts on “KY-002 Vibration Switch Module”

  1. could you do an example on how to multiply the readings please as i cannot figure this out

  2. Hi, first of all, I wanted to thank you for sharing this great site with us. Especially the Fritzing vectors and diagrams.

    I detected a small mistake in your Example Code. You just have to switch if == HIGH, then HIGH, else LOW. Here is the corrected sktech code:

    int led = 13; //Define the LED pin
    int shock = 3; //Define the push button pin
    int val; // Define a numeric variable
    void setup()
    void loop()
    val = digitalRead(shock); // read the value from KY-002
    if(val==HIGH) { // when sensor detects shock (HIGH), LED flashes
    } else {